Dear visitor,

Many thanks for visiting ToBo-Electronic, your competent partner with 30 years experience in :

  • Special maschines & robotics
  • Assembly & handling technology / pick & place
  • Industrial automation & controlling
  • Home aumotation / Smarthome
  • Lean management & lean production / Kanban (one piece flow)
  • Bachelor Professional of Electrical Technology and Management
  • ISO9001 Quality Manager (QMM-TÜV) & Auditor (QMA-TÜV)
  • VDA 6.3 Auditor
  • Worldwide experience (China, Malaysia, Morocco, Kuwait, CZ...)
  • International contacts, e.g, sourcing in China

  • My name is Thorsten Born. I am the owner and founder of ToBo-Electronic in 1989.

    A slogan of my first employer:

     "Different and better than others." 

    Of course just a slogan, but we should always try to reach the
    maximum output with the available resources to get the best result possible.

    Rodenbacher Weg 1
    D-35066 Frankenberg/Eder
    Tel.: +49 (0) 6451 23427
    Mobil DE: +49 1708379956
    Mobil CN: +86 13816037066
    em@il: tobo@tobo.de

    At all times I am using all my sources, my qualification and my experience to give my customers the best service and satisfaction.

    This internet presentation is still under construction and will be updated as soon as possible.

    With the knowledge, you didnt get bored during your visit at ToBo I want to say take care and looking forward for your next visit or call.
    Very best regards.

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